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I think you need to provide all more information for any of us to help
you here.

For instance, let's start with just the fetchmail piece. You mention
scripts. I'm not sure why you would use a script for fetchmail. I would
expect you'd enable it in daemon mode, probably using systemd, and your

Now, if the problem is in fetchmail, you can watch mail being fetched
with a command like:

fetchmail -avvv

Next question regards procmail. Who's handing off to procmail? I presume
you have a ~/.procmailrc. If so, enable logging and review the logs to
see whether there's a problem in this piece.

By the time you get to mutt, all the mail should already be delivered.
Mutt is just the user agent for viewing and processing mail for storage
or for outbound forwarding. What's your .muttrc look like?

John J. Boyer writes:
> I am using the latest Debian at the command line. For email I use fetchmail, procmail, mutt and msmtp. I have scripts 
> that call fetchmail in daemon mode and then call mutt. Fetchmail is then killed. The weird thing is that if there are 
> more than 10 messages I can 
> see only the first 10. The others show up many minutes later as new mail. What causes this and how can it be fixed?
> Thanks,
> John
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