More on Adding speakup to wheezy, Conditionally good news

Martin McCormick martin.m at
Wed Dec 14 21:44:52 UTC 2016

	No problem at all. I've done much worse in my days and
people were still nice to me.

	It works like a charm good clear, loud speech in the
headphones and this means that the Pi is an order of magnitude
more useful and it already was amazing.

	My first computer was an Apple II in 1979 with 48 K of
memory and you could have bought a dozen raspberry Pi's for what
that system cost.

	The first accessible interface on that Apple II was morse
code and then I bought a module from Telesensory Systems Inc that
would give you all the letters and numbers plus several
punctuation marks but I had to build an interface to power the
module and convert the Busy line on the speech board to an
Acknowledge strobe that the Apple printer interface card

	For $2200, I heard the words spelled one letter at a time
and to quote a character on a popular comedy show here a few
years ago who used to tell tales of a hard life, "And that's the
way it was and we liked it."

	You know, walking barefoot 5 miles to and from school in the rain
and both ways, up hill.

	Anyway, I truly appreciate your help and patience.


Jeffery Mewtamer <mewtamer at> writes:
> My bad, you need to be in /src under libilctts when you run the make
> commands. Sorry for that over sight. Been a couple of months since I
> last imaged my Pi from the stock image instead of a backup image that
> already had console speech, so I forgot some of the finer details.

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