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Sun Jul 24 22:22:50 UTC 2016

Well, I need to still look into this more myself, so I don't have all 
the answers yet like those of you who have explored this more already, 
but I'm not sure why this has to be a half baked solution. Also, even 
though developers have been dealing with cross platform development for 
a while doesn't mean it can't be improved or that this won't open up 
some more opportunities for developers to quickly make some applications 
available on multiple platforms. I'm also thinking of the cloud where 
developers might want to manage multiple operating systems, like Windows 
and Ubuntu running in clouds such as Azure or AWS. Providing the ability 
to quickly build a framework based on tools common to both Windows and 
Ubuntu seems like it would be a good idea in this situation.

For me, I like seeing new innovative things being done and offered. Let 
things like this be made available and see if any bright developers or 
users out there want to take advantage of it. If it doesn't work then it 
doesn't harm me at all, but if it does then who knows what I'll now have 
access to. I'm just glad there are people out there trying new things 
and not just listening to the nay sayers who are happy with what they 
have and think everyone else should be as well.

On 24/07/16 12:27, Kyle wrote:
> I'm not exactly sure why developers would want this either. Windows
> developers already had Visual Studio, which they apparently love, and
> GNU/Linux developers will continue using GNU/Linux, where all the
> development software anyone could dream of is free and open source.
> Developers, more even than regular users, want a complete solution, not
> some half-baked attempt at GNU in a Microsoft environment. They will
> either go for 100% Microsoft in the Windows + Visual Studio, or they
> will develop for GNU/Linux. Cross-platform developers will continue
> doing what they have always done, which means running multiple OS's and
> building for each one individually. I guess maybe people building
> Rockbox who have used GNU/Linux to build it for years will possibly be
> able to fully build it in a Windows environment without Cygwin, but
> what's the point, especially when they've already been using GNU/Linux
> for years to do that?
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