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Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sun Nov 13 18:26:31 UTC 2016

On November 13, 2016, Jeffery Mewtamer wrote:
> Honestly, I've never understood the "sent from x" meme. Like anyone
> really gives a damn whether you were on your smartphone, or home
> computer, or a school computer when you typed a message.

The original intent of the "sent from my iPhone/Blackberry/Palm/whatever"
was to convey "I'm typing this on a device where input is difficult,
so please forgive spelling & grammar errors and please excuse the
terseness of the reply."

It sorta morphed into a bragging about the technologically
advanced device you had, and then has since adopted a bit of a jokey
feel about it.  So I've seen jokes about old hardware such as "Sent
from my PDP-11" or "Sent from my Apple II".  There are also jokey
ones about Internet of Things devices such as "Sent from my

But yeah, at this point in history, nobody really cares from which
device you send email.  They all do it. (grins)


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