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Christopher Chaltain chaltain at
Sun Nov 13 20:43:29 UTC 2016

I figured the original intent of these signatures was just free 
advertising. I first noticed them when I'd see signatures like "This 
email message was scanned for viruses by some anti-virus application." I 
personally don't feel any more secure seeing a message like this since 
it would be trivial for a virus to insert this line itself. I do see 
some value in letting people know you're sending a message from a device 
where you may not be comfortable with text input.

On 13/11/16 12:26, Tim Chase wrote:
> On November 13, 2016, Jeffery Mewtamer wrote:
>> Honestly, I've never understood the "sent from x" meme. Like anyone
>> really gives a damn whether you were on your smartphone, or home
>> computer, or a school computer when you typed a message.
> The original intent of the "sent from my iPhone/Blackberry/Palm/whatever"
> was to convey "I'm typing this on a device where input is difficult,
> so please forgive spelling & grammar errors and please excuse the
> terseness of the reply."
> It sorta morphed into a bragging about the technologically
> advanced device you had, and then has since adopted a bit of a jokey
> feel about it.  So I've seen jokes about old hardware such as "Sent
> from my PDP-11" or "Sent from my Apple II".  There are also jokey
> ones about Internet of Things devices such as "Sent from my
> toaster/refrigerator".
> But yeah, at this point in history, nobody really cares from which
> device you send email.  They all do it. (grins)
> -tim
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