spammer on list

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sun Nov 13 20:03:45 UTC 2016

According to Jeffery Mewtamer:
> # Honestly, I've never understood the "sent from x" meme. Like anyone
> # really gives a damn whether you were on your smartphone, or home
> # computer, or a school computer when you typed a message.

Exactly the point of my random signature. It always changes, and isn't 
dependent on my device. I started it as a joke, sort of a protest 
against the whole "Sent from my <insert device of the day here>" kind of 
thing that I started seeing probably nearly 15 years ago when mms to 
e-mail started getting popular. Then I started seeing "Sent from my 
iPhone" on Android lists and "Sent from my Android device using K9 mail. 
Please excuse my brevity," "Sent from my iPhone" etc on Linux lists and 
figured it would be much better to simply make fun of it rather than 
rant about it, so my random sig was born. Up to now I have sent from 
every room in the house, nearly every constellation in the zodiac, if 
not all the known constellations in the sky, every safe for work part of 
my body, various places on earth and in space, many song titles and 
lyrics by Prince, and much much more, with many more to come. I try not 
to post the same one twice, because one or another has been seen before, 
but I don't use any kind of script to randomize things, as they repeat 
far more often than I do lol. Anyway, that's just a bit of the boring 
history of the thing <smile>.
Sent from my funky music

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