spammer on list

mattias jonsson mjonsson1986 at
Sun Nov 13 20:05:25 UTC 2016

seems i soon are forced to leave the list

a new spammer named twanda...

Den 2016-11-13 kl. 21:03, skrev Kyle:
> According to Jeffery Mewtamer:
>> # Honestly, I've never understood the "sent from x" meme. Like anyone
>> # really gives a damn whether you were on your smartphone, or home
>> # computer, or a school computer when you typed a message.
> Exactly the point of my random signature. It always changes, and isn't 
> dependent on my device. I started it as a joke, sort of a protest 
> against the whole "Sent from my <insert device of the day here>" kind 
> of thing that I started seeing probably nearly 15 years ago when mms 
> to e-mail started getting popular. Then I started seeing "Sent from my 
> iPhone" on Android lists and "Sent from my Android device using K9 
> mail. Please excuse my brevity," "Sent from my iPhone" etc on Linux 
> lists and figured it would be much better to simply make fun of it 
> rather than rant about it, so my random sig was born. Up to now I have 
> sent from every room in the house, nearly every constellation in the 
> zodiac, if not all the known constellations in the sky, every safe for 
> work part of my body, various places on earth and in space, many song 
> titles and lyrics by Prince, and much much more, with many more to 
> come. I try not to post the same one twice, because one or another has 
> been seen before, but I don't use any kind of script to randomize 
> things, as they repeat far more often than I do lol. Anyway, that's 
> just a bit of the boring history of the thing <smile>.
> Sent from my funky music
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