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Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sun Nov 13 22:32:41 UTC 2016

Well, being part of a botnet is about the only thing an iPhone can do 
well. Well, that and force you to join iTunes and iCloud, all of which 
are quite easy to break into and get your personal information, but 
Apple doesn't want us to know that, so they played a nice little PR game 
with the FBI in a feeble attempt to let us know that they are all for 
privacy and all that, when everyone knows how easy it is to break into 
an iPhone and the services it depends on in order to operate. Well, 
everyone except, apparently, the FBI, who played along in order to make 
the whole big bad government vs. Apple game look realistic.

And no, I don't have an iPhone, and no one could pay me enough to take 
one. I have just read far too many articles about people being able to 
break into them and the services they force you to use in order to do 
anything productive with them. Couple that with the nice little PR stunt 
they played with the FBI, capitalizing on an act of terrorism to try to 
prove their unhackability, and Apple definitely gets a failing grade in 
my book.
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