Emacspeak and eSpeak

Fernando Botelho Fernando.Botelho at F123.org
Sat Oct 8 17:08:55 UTC 2016

On 10/08/2016 02:01 PM, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
> Voice-lock gives you a different voice when the font changes, such as 
> when you're reading a comment in your code or you come across a link 
> in your browser.
> The default is a UK English voice. I was able to change this in the 
> past, but when I tried to change it recently the same steps didn't 
> work. It's not that big a deal for me, so I haven't put the time into 
> it to figure it out.

I understand. Just one question:  I like to receive plain text email, 
just so I know what url links are really pointing to. But 90% of the 
time I just read the text and would rather ignore the urls. Does 
Emacspeak allow one to simply turn-off the reading of urls?  it is 
annoying to have to listen to long urls when one is not interested in it 
and I never understood why more conventional screen readers do not have 
the ability to silence that out.


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