spammers on this list

John G. Heim jheim at
Sat Apr 15 02:05:06 UTC 2017

But, Henry, of course the spammer is replying directly back to the 
person who posted the message rather than back to the list. Spammers 
always work that way.  I also don't see what difference it makes whether 
the bot (it clearly is a bot) was set up deliberately or if it is the 
result of someone being hacked. A bot is a bot. My problem is that there 
doesn't appear to be anyone at Red Hat monitoring this list.  Hello, Red 
Hat. Are you there?

It might be difficult to match the email address on the list to the 
spammer. The spam messages don't have to come from the same address as 
the one subscribe to this list. But I'm not sure what you hope to do if 
you get a look at the message headers. You can't unsubscribe anyone, can 

I would think if there was a moderator on this list, he or she would 
have  have said something by now.

On 04/14/2017 08:06 PM, Henry Yen wrote:
> I guess what I'm driving at is the question of whether this/these spammer(s)
> are spamming you (evidently, there's more than one of "you") directly, or
> via the list. Only in the latter case could something reasonably be done
> about it (by attempting to unsubscribe them). If the former, then the
> spamming could simply follow you to the new list. A more miserable possibility
> is that one of the legitimate users on the list has his/her computer
> compromised, and it's from there that the (presumably unwitting) spam
> originates.
> In any case, if we look at the SMTP email headers, especially from
> two or more different spam recipients, we might see something obvious.
> On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 04:22:25AM -0700, Chime Hart wrote:
>> Well Henry, for at least 1 or 2 months, each time I write or reply, I
>> receive at least 1 spam item. I would say if there are no moderators of the
>> list, then announcing a replacement, well, you would think those same
>> anoying folks would just harvest the new address.
>> And Henry, since it  probably won't take long for this woman to reply, I
>> can send with headers.
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