Blind vs. mainstream distros

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Mon Apr 24 00:15:47 UTC 2017

Regarding my experiences with my clients, my business motto has always 
been "Linux is for everyone," and I don't discriminate. This means that 
I will never make it a policy to serve only blind or visually impaired 
people, and I prefer what are commonly called "mainstream" distros over 
all else. In fact, I have worked more with users with eyeballs, 
installing and supporting traditional distros, than I have with blind or 
visually impaired people, except maybe the support work I've done pro 
bono on various e-mail lists and IRC channels. But after much discussion 
between the Vinux and Sonar developers, it was felt that something 
specialized is still needed *for now*, but that working as close as 
possible to upstream is equally important, as the closer we are to 
upstream, the easier it will be to get bugs fixed and features added 
that will help everyone no matter which distro they choose, and 
eventually, no matter how old the packages are in the distro they 
choose. Also, working as closely as possible with upstream will mean 
less work that needs to be done to finally get to the point where only 
things like TalkingArch, which require very little time or effort, will 
be needed in the not-too-distant future, and hopefully there will come a 
day when none of this is needed at all, as everything will come up 
speaking, brailling and whatever else out of the box, with a vare 
minimum of user intervention.

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