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Mon Apr 24 12:01:28 UTC 2017

Le 24/04/2017 à 02:24, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Orca only *seems* slightly slower than NVDA to some because it works
> directly with the browser. I'll take that any day over a page taking
> twice as long to load because it first has to be loaded into the
> browser, and then it has to be loaded yet again into NVDA's virtual
> buffer. And forget dynamic content. I expect dynamic content to work,
> not to slow down the whole screen reader because that has to replace
> part of the virtual buffer, or to fail to work at all because the
> virtual buffer is immutable while a page is loaded.

The fact is when I visit websites sometimes, Orca behaves much less good
than NVDA, less reactive, freeze,  etc.

> And control+left arrow going to the link I clicked on last? Hell no!
> Give me control+left and right that read by words as expected, which is
> what Orca does. I don't want all that fancy blinky stuff they have on

Sure. I meant alt-left and right.

> Windows that doesn't half work. Give me something that at least mostly
> works, and which can be improved in the near future, which is what I
> feel like I have now. I once heard from Janina Sajka, a well respected
> member of the w3c and the Linux Accessibility Working Group, that
> Firefox + Orca is the best combination currently available. I flatly
> refuse to disagree with that acessment.

Officially, I agree. In she facts, I have to recognize that performance
is less good than NVDA in some cases, some websites.


> ~Kyle
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