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As of four years  ago the Carrol Center was teaching only windows. I
know this as a Friend came in as did many others from different
countries. The goal was to learn what to teach blind folks  in the
country they came from. Am I correct in thinking that Carrol center is
all funded from Washington ? Lee
On Thu, 27 Apr 2017, Linux for blind
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> Tony Baechler here.
> Your comments again emphasize the need for a nonprofit organization. I
> wouldn't worry too much about the money. Funding will happen once the word
> gets out. Oh, it takes time and it won't be immediate, but it can and will
> happen. What we need is a grant writer. The government issues grants. There
> are many private companies who put lots of funding into Linux. Most major
> projects have outside funding. If Mozilla had to survive only on donors, they
> wouldn't. Debian gets lots of money and servers from HP Enterprise and many
> other companies. You're right that the Windows guys get their money mostly
> from the government, but not all. Schools are a lot of the market.
> As I said before, start young. Get on social media where teens and young
> people are and show them that there is another choice besides Windows and the
> Mac. Even if they aren't programmers, they are potential users. One of the
> reasons why the Apple II became so successful was because it was given to so
> many schools. How many of you grew up on the Apple II in the classroom? There
> was a company called Raised Dot Computing. They wrote and sold Bex and other
> programs. They were a commercial business. When they started, they had no
> money. All of their newsletters are online and well worth reading if you care
> about the history of technology for the blind. They hired a grant writer.
> After getting several grants, they were able to fund development of their
> software, like Braille Edit which became Bex, a program to make AppleWorks
> accessible and eventually Mega Dots for the PC. The point is it can be done
> and it wouldn't be that difficult, especially with a good social media
> presence.
> On 4/24/2017 4:56 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> > Kelly Prescott here.
> > The reason Windows has better accessibility, is that the government has
> > largely funded it.  FS and all the other players get a large percentage of
> > there purchases from VR dollars which is the good old tax payer!
> > So while a private company developes it, Uncle Sam really foots the bill!
> > I only say that to show how hard it is to get accessible software built and
> > maintained.
> > I am working on a UEFI boot loader that talks from bootup.  I am going to
> > release it as open source.
> > The thing is: I have to feed me and mine durring this effort.
> > This means that I work on borring normal projects most of the time, and my
> > boot loader when I have spare time.
> > I think there are several developers me among them who would do this full
> > time, but if there is no money in it, then we must continue to work on our
> > normal jobs/projects until we either have time to work on it or we find some
> > good funding to pay for it.
> > Unfortunately, I do not know of good ways to obtain lots of money for
> > part-time developers.  There is only so much free time and free work to go
> > around.
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