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Thu Apr 27 20:04:46 UTC 2017

According to Jean-Philippe MENGUAL:
# That is why I think we should have pre-installed Linux computers, new, 
but to a typical Mac price.

Not at all. I for one don't want to have to pay the ridiculous price of 
a Mac, and adding to the price certainly doesn't add to the value of the 
computer, nor of the operating system that runs on it. Cost-free is 
certainly not a sustainable answer, but low-cost certainly can be, 
especially with all the low-cost computers available these days. For 
example, it is now possible for me to sell a complete Linux solution to 
anyone who needs it for the same $200 to $300 USD that matches the cost 
of all these Windows PC sales we see in our local stores, and that 
includes any markup for labor cost putting everything together and 
installing the software. Additionally, the savings the end user will see 
on his/her power bill each month will make it pay for itself before it 
is obsoleted by newer and better hardware. Is this sustainable? 
Absolutely, as long as there are customers. My only real worry now is 
the Android tablet market that may drive people to purchase these 
instead of a desktop computer, even if the desktop computer is much 
smaller and more portable than the traditional version used to be, and 
even though the operating system that is running on the microdesktop is 
far more robust.

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