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However way we do it, it sure needs doing if we want wide adoption of
	Linux by the young blind, who /expect/ it to work.
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> Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> writes:
>> Sure, let synthesizers handle ASCII text, but give synthesizers the
>> 	textual pronunciation of Unicode characters, such as smiling face.
> Chris Brannon here.
> This works fine if you assume that everyone wants English and the
> English names for Unicode characters.  It blows up in the multilingual
> case.  If I'm reading some text in Spanish and I come across the "pile
> of poo" emoji (Unicode character U+1F4A9), I don't want to hear my
> synthesizer try to interpret the English description of it according
> to the phonetic rules for Spanish.  I want to hear the Spanish words
> corresponding to that character.  This blows up pretty quickly, because
> there are so many Unicode characters and so many languages.  It is best
> to get this right in the synthesizer, once, where it can be used by
> every application that needs to speak.  Then pass along the raw
> UTF-8 to the synth as-is.
> -- Chris
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