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I don't think so. You just start the install, wait, and a recorded human
	voice says basically to press V to start Voiceover, the Mac
	screen reader, or f5 or f8 or something to get a tutorial on how
	to use Voiceover.
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> Tony Baechler here.
> I apologize if I said the Mac install isn't accessible. What I meant
> is even there, you have to press a key to start speech. I haven't used
> a Mac much and know little about it. I like the idea of speech
> starting automatically if a key isn't pressed. I assume that only
> works on new installs?
> On 4/27/2017 2:47 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> eric oyen here…
>> Really? the mac can't provide a talking interface during
>> installation? um, plug in the install media, wait 30 seconds and
>> press cmd+F5. the entire installation from beginning to end is
>> completely accessible.
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