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Sat Apr 29 00:32:04 UTC 2017

I believe Knoppix 7.7.2 ships with Adriane 1.7-6, not that I could
tell you what changed between the two versions.

I can tell you that at least two of the individual components of
Adriane may give you dependency issues:
Adriane-screenreader depends on sbl, and while there are .debs for sbl
available from the knoppix repository, they are only available in
i386, though the sbl source code if available from
Adriane-x depends on knoppix-startorca, which does not have any .deb
packages. As I was not aware of the adriane.tar.gz, I couldn't tell
you if this particular script is included in there.

Most other Adriane components can fulfill their dependencies from the
main section of the Debian repositories. Presumably, this means most
of Adriane's dependencies should be available from repositories on
most general-purpose distros.

Also, the adriane package itself is a metapackage.

Mostly, the scripts that make up Adriane produce nice menus when
working in text mode and calls various terminal applications as
needed, allowing less experienced users to make use of those
applications without needing to learn their command line syntax,
though it also includes an option to drop down to the terminal or
launch an x-session, and on the latter, gives an option between
launching a stripped down x-session for just Firefox or LibreOffice or
launching an entire desktop Environment.


Jeffery Wright
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