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Fri Apr 28 23:40:27 UTC 2017

Scince this set of scripts was mentioned multiple times, I've decided to find it and try it.
I found:
So I downloaded it all:
wget -rpk -l 5 -np -U Mozilla
All files are only 5.5MB.

The latest version here is 1.7-3 - I don't know if thats the most recent.
In packages/adriane/, there are deb packages, but there's also:
If you don't need the deb packages, you can grab only that one:

It contains... Ok, I won't list the files, cause there are 338 of them,
but basicly two dozen  scripts.
I don't have much luck with them under Fedora though, so I'll have to investigate what they do exactly.
Just want to mension that there's a typeo in the Makefile: look for triple l (lll) and delete one of the Ls.
The recipe  for installing it all is install-all, but bewhere that there's no uninstall recipe, so you might want to try the scripts first. 

I guess all deb packages can be installed with:
debpkg -i *1.7-3*.deb
Only the karl package is architecture dependant. Karl stands for keyboard learning tool.
It doesn't compile out of the box here, so I haven't tried it and I don't know how useful it is.

Best wishes,

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