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Sat Apr 29 10:58:11 UTC 2017

Tony Baechler here.

On 4/28/2017 6:25 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> 2. It requires a patched 2.2 kernel. Version 2.2 is rather ancient and long
>> since dead. I didn't see a way in my quick reading of the docs to use newer
>> kernels.
> Thats right if you want to use sbl with the patch for the
> keyboard sniffer which is needed if sbl is used without a braille
> display.

Well, most of us, including me, don't have a Braille display, so I guess I'm 
out of luck. Compiling a kernel is hard enough, but patching and compiling a 
2.2 kernel is silly and makes no sense. If there is a way to use it with 
only speech on recent kernels, I'm still interested in trying it, but I'm 
not going to run a 2.2 kernel just for that. Even the long term 2.6 kernels 
aren't supported anymore.

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