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Sun Apr 30 00:44:47 UTC 2017

To be fair, unless Tumblr has seriously changed since I last used it 
before migrating to WordPress, it is totally accessible if used 
correctly. It is a blogging platform, similar in many ways to WordPress 
or even Blogger by Google, it's just a different underlying back-end 
system handling things on the server, and also does include some social 
features that aren't as easy to find in the core of other similar 
platforms. The main thing that makes Tumblr less than accessible is not 
Tumblr itself, but the fact that it is primarily used to publish photos, 
even more than text, videos, music or anything else that we would be 
better able to parse with a screen reader or our ears, and the users who 
publish these photos don't bother to put captions on them in many cases. 
WordPress can be just as inaccessible if it is used to publish a site 
that has nothing but pictures on it. There is the fact that Tumblr last 
I knew didn't try to recognize images by telling us what objects it can 
find, but that sometimes doesn't help either when the software that does 
that just says "No automatic alt text available" or "image may contain: 
two people smiling, outdoor, nature." These do give other social 
networks a slight advantage when used by people who publish photos with 
no captions, but the automatic recognition can unfortunately be nearly 
as uninformative as Tumblr's photo publishers.

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