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Sun Apr 30 11:07:57 UTC 2017

Tony Baechler here.

There was a company called Levelstar who produced the Icon. It ran a 2.X 
kernel. APH added Braille support and a Braille keyboard. They sold it as 
the Braille Plus. I have one for sale if interested. It definitely runs 
Linux and bash. I don't remember the kernel version. I'm thinking 2.2 or 
2.4. I have no idea what the hardware is either. I bought it, tried it, 
decided I didn't like it and there it sits. It's in almost brand new 
condition and can play NLS BARD books. Write off list if you want to buy it.

tony at baechler dot net

Also, the HIMS Blaze ET DAISY player runs Android. The VR Stream runs Linux. 
I've personally confirmed both statements. Taking a look at the initrd of 
the Stream is interesting.

On 4/29/2017 6:39 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Linux on a Braille notetaker.  Like, wow, man!  National Braille Press has a
> gismo that I believe is based on android, but I don't know of any others and
> hadn't heard of the one you mention.

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