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Sun Apr 30 11:10:44 UTC 2017


sorry since i did not follow the blinux list (until now ;) ) i did not 
get your question.

I m the main developer of fenrir. I was really bussy in writing an 
initial user manual for fenrir the last weeks (with a lot of help of Rob 
and storm -> Tanks to them).

it covers master and is feature complete (but braille where i m working on).

you can find the documentation here:

some of the stuff is also written in the config or the readme (quite 

Keyboard layouts (desktop is default):

i m still happy for help and fixes. So i could concentrate development.

Sorry for the bad documentation until now but it is all a lot of work 
for just one or two persons :). I also know that there is a need for a 
improvements. But i m working on it very hard. so everything may improve 
;). don't be to hard to myself. its my first screen reader and many 
stuff is new to me since i dont need one by myself (because i m not blind).

to install fenrir in Arch there are packages in the AUR (git and stable):

for questions or problems you will always find me on the IRC:

some stuff that will arrive with the next fenrir version:

- Braille support

- at-spi input driver (useful for terminal emulators)

- PTY input and screen driver (to make it run on BSD, MAC or Terminal 

- Automatic encoding for the VCSA screen driver.

- multiprocessed (to be able to use multible cores of your CPU)

- event based (to be able to sleep if nothing happens)

- SELinux ruleset

more can be found here:

if someone wants to help :) just come in and give a talk to me.

i hope that may help you a bit :).

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