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Fri Dec 15 18:02:39 UTC 2017

Building and testing are entirely different things. Getting something to 
work is a further difference, as passing unit tests doesn't even mean 
that the built speech synthesizer will work, especially if it can't 
access an audio device. Think of it this way. You have a computer with 
no keyboard or mouse on it. You can turn it on, and you know it runs, 
either because you can hear the speech or other startup sound, or 
because you can see the screen. You may even be able to access a shell 
and/or some other parts of the OS remotely. You have built a typing 
tutor application, but it only runs locally, and there's no way to 
access it and make it accept input over a network connection. Of course 
the application builds perfectly, and you can even say that it passes 
unit tests. But how do you test it in the real world without a keyboard 
on the machine and no way for it to accept remote input?

And now you have a further complication. Are you trying to build a 
speech synthesizer that runs on Linux, or are you trying to build it for 
Windows? A Linux build will only run on Linux, unless you have a cross 
compiler that can generate Windows compatible machine code. If you think 
I'm speaking Chinese here, do yourself a favor and don't try this. If on 
the other hand you're actually trying to build for Linux, you will need 
a real Linux OS for testing that includes audio output. If you are in 
fact trying to build a Windows compatible speech synthesizer, you can't 
use Linux for that, not even the half-baked Linux over Windows solution, 
because you will need certain Windows libraries and subsystems, SAPI for 
example, that don't run unmodified or unemulated on Linux. So it's 
definitely better to use windows development tools on a Windows machine 
to build for that system, or use Linux development tools running on a 
real Linux operating system with an audio device available to build for 
Imetumwa kutoka nyumba yangu

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