HAL, UDEV are opportunity for visually impaired future employees

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There is a project that will show popup notification whenever new USB 
device is plugged in.


I hope it helps

On 28-Dec-17 10:12 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Dear users and developers,
> Once up one time, Debian Squeeze and Espeakup would be used as device 
> autodetector. When visually impaired user has connected USB compatible 
> device, if device have been compatible with Linux kernel, with UDEV, 
> Espeakup have informed user about exact device type, its name.
> My plea is as follows.
> Does somebody know about GTK compatible app, which is able to connect 
> information when new USB device have been connected to The system? So 
> visually impaired users would help inside E-schops, where it is 
> necessary to pack devices. Because they would be able to know device 
> name, Believe me, that photo recognition services of objects will not 
> be too fast and will not be free of charge on future. And USB port and 
> kernel algorithms are very reliable.
> It would be very interesting to find out, if ANdroid APIS can also 
> provide such information, because phones with Android would become a 
> handy device detection tool. Especially if USB HUB will be also used 
> to minimize micro USB connectors deterioration.
> Who of you knows about GTK app, which is able to automatically display 
> if new USB device have been connected?
> If Espeakup have been able to monitor kernel message, how complex 
> would be to fetch those messsages from Python? Because not every app 
> must be written in C or C+. It would be even possible to automatically 
> store device information to .txt file in plain Ascii format, every 
> device on separate line.
> Please try to think about my idea.
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Edhoari Setiyoso

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