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Many linux distributions simply will not work without a screen attached.

On Sat, 4 Feb 2017, Tim Chase wrote:

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> On February  4, 2017, Eric Oyen wrote:
>> THis may be a bit extravagant when it comes to keeping your
>> passwords safe and usable by you, but it certainly would frustrate
>> someone seeking to breach your machine with physical access.
> I strongly recommend using a password manager that allows you to keep
> many unique strong passwords for you, all behind standard-compliant
> encryption.
> I recommend KeePassX if it's accessible to you.  There's "kpcli"
> which is supposedly a CLI interface to the KeePassX (or
> "KeePass"?) database, though I don't know which features it
> includes.  There are also other various password managers.
> As a fall-back, I recommend a plain-text file that you encrypt with
> GPG using a single strong password.  I wrote up an article about
> doing this with the "ed" editor
> but the principle holds for most editors.  Just make sure that you
> disable your editor's swap-file and storage of copied text if is uses
> one, such as vim (though Vim has some nice GPG extensions that
> disable such settings and marshal the file through GPG as you read &
> write it).  In this case, you do need to beware of people reading
> over your shoulder, but if you're completely blind, you can just
> disable/disconnect the screen (and if you have some sight, you should
> be able to use something like KeePassX).
> -tim
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