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Fri Jul 21 18:24:03 UTC 2017

Tim here.

> In ncmpc I can choose one artist, and brows through all the
> albums. Is there an equivalent command in mpc to list only the
> albums from one artist? 

Sure.  The "mpc search" command spits out the filename, but you can
use the "--format"/"-f" parameter to specify the field/format you
want, so you can specify that you just want the album from each one.
It will print one for each matching MP3 file, but that output can be
sent to the "sort" command and made unique:

  mpc -f '%album%' search artist satriani | sort -u

gives me just the album-names for all my Joe Satriani music, each
only appearing once.

For better or worse, it finds the artist in the ID3 data "artist"
information, so I happen to have one track that's on a Stu Hamm album
where Joe Satriani was playing and ended up in the ID3 data, so it
does return that bootleg recording in addition to the normal studio
albums by Satriani.  But I kinda prefer it that way.


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