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Sat Jul 22 19:50:21 UTC 2017

Lars here.

On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 01:24:03PM -0500, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Tim here.
> > In ncmpc I can choose one artist, and brows through all the
> > albums. Is there an equivalent command in mpc to list only the
> > albums from one artist? 
> Sure.  The "mpc search" command spits out the filename, but you can
> use the "--format"/"-f" parameter to specify the field/format you
> want, so you can specify that you just want the album from each one.
> It will print one for each matching MP3 file, but that output can be
> sent to the "sort" command and made unique:
>   mpc -f '%album%' search artist satriani | sort -u
> gives me just the album-names for all my Joe Satriani music, each
> only appearing once.
> For better or worse, it finds the artist in the ID3 data "artist"
> information, so I happen to have one track that's on a Stu Hamm album
> where Joe Satriani was playing and ended up in the ID3 data, so it
> does return that bootleg recording in addition to the normal studio
> albums by Satriani.  But I kinda prefer it that way.

Thanks a lot. And if I want to add the whole album to the current
playlist, what do I do then?


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