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I learned to touch type on something that never had electricity running 
through it, a Royal 440 typewriter.  I had a little computer exposure 
before 1986 but got my first computer in that year and that was a CP/M 
machine too.  In 1987 due to college study requirements I went over to 
the dark side with an IBM XT with a 32mb hard drive.  Formal unix 
classes started in 1989 when I started working for the Navy and started 
using the learn utility on bsd systems.  Then in 2001 Windows '98 had to 
be reinstalled by me without any sight using a sheet of brailled 
instructions every two weeks since a kernel file kept getting corrupted 
and that started me on a 1 year long journey with the penguin club of 
Southern Maryland to get linux installed and accessible.  First time 
that happened it was with a copy of redhat 5.0 I bought at Staples. 
Unfortunately Staples doesn't sell Linux any more so I minimize my 
purchases in those stores.
For those that tried vim and ran into trouble with it, you might try ex 
and ex is a line-oriented part of vim with all the power vi part of vim 
is a subset of ex.  If you knew how to use edlin on dos and liked it 
you'll like ex.  Another part of vim and this is really good if less 
isn't available is view that does much of what less does.

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> You guys make me feel like a wet behind the ears baby(which feels kind
> of weird since people on the Internet usually make me feel like a
> fossil). Anyways, in 1990, all I knew about computers was how to suck
> at Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 on my older sister's NES,
> it was 1996 before I learned how to touch type on old Win 3.1 and DOS
> machines at school, and my family's first proper PC was a Win98
> Machine. I made the switch from WinXP to Ubuntu around Ubuntu 5.10 or
> 6.06 and then to Debian somewhere around 2010, but prior to my vision
> failing in mid-to-late 2012, I did most of my document editing in
> graphical editors only occasionally using nano to edit my sources.list
> or another config file that requires root privileges. As vision loss
> forced me to make heavier use of my terminal knowledge, nano became my
> primary editor out of familiarity, though I'll admit it took me a
> while to get use to it having different cut, copy, paste behavior from
> pretty much every graphical application with a text box I've ever
> used. I don't think I've ever tried emacs, but what I've tried of vi
> has brought me to the conclusion that, even if it's ultimately a
> superior editor, I don't have the time to learn vi well enough to use
> it on par with how I already use nano.


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