How many of y'all use Emacspeak?

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Sat Jun 17 17:04:30 UTC 2017

This led me to do a better Google search so now I've reconfigured emacs 
and eww is working. Yay! Now I have math and code-related tools to try 
out. (Anyone use the math navigator?)

I still don't have w3m working and I did not see any useful output in 
the messages buffer.

The emacs manual is generally easy to understand but I'm having the 
opposite experience with gnus. I don't understand much of the 
terminology, I don't yet know elisp and ATM I'm just trying to figure 
out how to set up gmail.
On 06/17/2017 10:31 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> writes:
>> Which other email programs and browsers work with emacs? I've had no
>> luck with eww. It gives the error that function requires libxml2. I
>> have libxml2.
> My suspicion is that, although libxml2 is installed on your system, emacs
> was not built with support for it.  That's a configure-time option.  If
> you're building emacs from source, you'll need to install the -dev package for
> libxml2 if your distro does package splitting.  Find the
> appropriate configure option by looking at ./configure --help in the
> emacs source.  Rebuild and pass that option to ./configure.
> I don't know much about what could be going wrong with w3m; I haven't
> used it much.  You may get better luck on the emacspeak list.  How is it
> failing?  When you try to load it, is there anything interesting in your
> *Messages* buffer?  That's a running transcript of the messages that
> emacs displays to the user.
> As for mail clients, I use gnus.  It's a news reader for Usenet, but it
> has support for email.  It took work to set it up.  That work paid off,
> and I've been using the same gnus setup with IMAP for many years.
> I don't know much about other clients.  You might have better luck
> asking on the emacspeak list.  I think there was a discussion recently
> about mail clients.  The thread was titled "emacspeak and e-mail".  Try
> looking for that in the archives, April 2017 or so?
> -- Chris
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