Fedora install?

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You can't be listening to climate control systems at the time but there 
is an audio cue for when to hit alt-super-s.  For a little while when 
the boot starts the dvd motor is running at full speed.  Then the dvd 
settles down into a clicking pattern and when that clicking stops for 
about 10 seconds then it's time to hit alt-super-s.  On the newer fedora 
versions that needs about 12 minutes and on Fedora 24, it needed about 8 
minutes from when the boot process was started.

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> Subject: Fedora install?
> I do not know how orca finally came up on fedora but it did. The monitor needed sorting first. I am on the desktopp and do not want to reboot now. Does a command exist that can be keyed in after alt-f2 that will give me the opportunity to install fedora to a hard drive?
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