Roku accessibility (was Re: Youtube TV Site?)

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Thu Jun 22 23:28:21 UTC 2017

I'm not currently aware of any community, forum, e-mail list, Facebook 
group, etc. where blind and visually impaired users can come together to 
discuss Roku device accessibility. I'll look for such a beast further, 
and if I find it, I'll report back on this thread. If not, I'll start 
one, as too many people are under the misconception that Roku devices 
are not accessible at all, or that Roku accessibility is abysmal at 
best, when in fact the voice is my only real complaint. Well, that and 
the 6 apps that I found that didn't speak or didn't speak well. Until I 
have something conclusive or make a list or similar available, I did 
find this.
It doesn't have everything, nor does it cover all the channels I've 
mentioned previously that don't have speech, but it's a good start. I 
found contact pages for both Crackle and Pandora on this page, and have 
sent both of them messages regarding the lack of speech in their channel 
apps, including links to
the introduction to the audio guide and how it works, and to
Audio Guide SDK documentation for channel developers who need the Audio 
Guide to speak custom messages, either because they're using custom 
controls that are unsupported or because they need the Audio Guide to 
speak additional information that is not supported using the default 
functionality of the Audio Guide in relation to the control used. 
Hopefully this will help somewhat.

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