Youtube TV Site?

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Thu Jun 22 20:31:23 UTC 2017

I didn't try CNN, since I get it on every provider I've tried thus far. 
I did however notice that Youtube does indeed have no speech on the 
Roku. I haven't contacted them about this yet, but I did contact Crackle 
today about the fact that their app also has no speech. Out of all my 
tests, I have found that Crackle, Youtube, Pluto TV, Newson, Pandora, 
Weather Nation and another weather app have little to no speech. There's 
also Timeless Television, which seems to just play ads, so I'm not sure 
how to make it speak, or if it does. All that said, 5 or 6 out of nearly 
60 I've tried in total isn't bad at all, since that would give Roku 
devices an accessibility rating of nearly 90%, which is really quite 
good, though it's just as unscientific as anything, since it's only 
based on the channels I've been interested in trying.

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