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There is no such thing as most developers.  Regardless those doing 
business in global jurisdictions where wacg 2.0 is incorporated  into 
legal requirements might find themselves in trouble.
Now, if a web designer remembers what the word cascading style sheets 
means, your inability to point might not  reflect what i s possible in a 
truly configured low graphics environment.
Or so that has been my personal experience.
I can say absolutely firmly that personal applies to me...which is the 
case for each individual.

On Fri, 23 Jun 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Considering how hit or miss websites are when it comes to ease of
> blind use even in a browser as mainstream and feature rich(arguably to
> the point of excess) as Firefox, I'm inclined to believe most
> webmasters have made no effort to ensure accessibility and that when a
> website is fully accessible, it's as often by accident as by design. I
> doubt the average creator of webpages even knows that browsers like
> elinks and lynx even exist or even takes the time to ensure there
> pages load as intended in mainstream graphical browsers other than the
> one they use themselves.
> That said, from what I've tried, I'd have to say currently available
> console web browsers leave much to be desired, with even sites that
> have never given me problems in Firefox sometimes being unusable in
> text-mode browsers assuming I can even figure out how to point the
> text-mode browser at a given URl. It's a real shame that even the best
> text browsers seem so limited compared to their graphical cousins,
> especially since Firefox is the only reason I ever launch an Xsession.
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