text browsers and current web standards

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edbrowse does support some javascript but not the whole set if memory 

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> Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2017 08:31:34
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> Subject: Re: text browsers and current web standards
> As much as I think every web "standard" aside from vanilla HTML should
> be avoided unless absolutely necessary(and even then, why use HTML if
> plain text can get the job done?), I agree it's a necessary evil to
> have the means of dealing with pages made by those who put eye candy
> and fancy layouts before content and ease of use(seriously, some
> websites make me wonder if whoever designed the UI even knows what a
> keyboard is). I mean, in web terms, JavaScript is as old as dirt, yet
> as far as I know, there is no text mode browser with even partial
> javascript support, and while I have NoScript in my Firefox to block
> all that JavaScript that likes to trip up Orca, some sites are
> completely unusable without the monstrosity.
> Anyways, as Aptitude isn't getting any hit for clifox even after
> adding contrib and non-free to my sources.list, mind providing a link
> to more information or perhaps a link to download a development build?
> I suspect a hypothetical modern text browser with it's own backend
> would be much smaller, but being able to use Firefox from the terminal
> and get rid of Orca and what of my xserver Firefox doesn't force me to
> install would definitely be a step in the right direction as far as
> I'm concerned.


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