Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Mon May 1 17:24:26 UTC 2017

Hello, this is Samuel again, last time for today, sorry I'm answering
all of this at once, I was in vacation last week while you were all
discussing furiously :)

Eric Oyen, on mar. 18 avril 2017 08:23:34 -0700, wrote:
> This would include the [...] config files needed to make any distro accessible.

Linux for blind general discussion, on dim. 23 avril 2017 04:13:32 -0700, wrote:
> to create a list of as many config files as possible for as many
> programs as possible, roughly divided into console and GUI. My thought
> would be, for example, special configs for Lynx the cat, Links the
> chain and whatever other console programs people have customized.

That's actually similar to what I had started to build on

i.e. tips&tricks about various programs, to disable the ruler in vim,
to enable beep in grub, etc.  The wiki never really took of outside a
few relatives, but it could probably take of much more by putting that
onto a github project.  We can then push the result to distributions as
a package that interested people can install to tune their system (and
even make it installed by default when using braille or speech during


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