Blind vs. mainstream distros

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Mon May 1 20:36:14 UTC 2017

Luke Yelavich here, reply inline.
> The technical reason is merely that it needs implemeting withing
> syslinux: that requires sound drivers and whatnot, while the BIOS itself
> provides the support for beeps.  So it's feasible, just needs to be done.

We also have to keep the move to UEFI in mind for X86 systems. I have a 
machine here with UEFI, and it does not have a speaker, and even booting a 
legacy BIOS image, it does not beep. SO while I agree the beep is one way to 
indicate to the user when to press a key, it is not going to work in all 
circumstances, and I think the beep not being heard will become more common 
as more people move to using UEFI hardware.


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