yikes! no internet

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Fri May 5 12:10:27 UTC 2017

Hmmm. Well, that rules out the obvious. I don't like those gateways. I've 
always had bad luck with them. A dedicated modem and router work better. I 
think it reset itself which is why you can't log in. I think you'll probably 
have to call your ISP. The cable would be the only obvious thing other than 
completely unplugging the gateway, waiting a minute and plugging it in. A 
simple reboot won't help. You could do a full reset but you would lose your 
settings. . Sometimes cables wear out, but not usually. Since the PC is 
wired, I suggest trying a rescue CD to see if it's a Ubuntu or hardware 
problem. It seems like hardware, but if your gateway went weird, that would 
explain why your Internet would drop. Is your PC using DHCP? Rebooting 
should get a new IP address from the gateway and fix it. If your using 
static IPs, something in your gateway probably changed. I doubt this, but it 
could be a DNS problem. What if you go directly to an IP address? If those 
don't work, I'm out of ideas. Hopefully your ISP can help you, but they're 
usually useless.

On 5/5/2017 4:33 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hi,
> I have rebooted the router-modem combination or gateway as they call it.
> I know internet is working because I am using it with this ipad.
> The ubuntu pc is wired, not wireless. It is possible the cable may have come loose,
> but that would not explain why i can no longer log into the router wirelessly with the ipad
> like I could before.
> Let me go check that cable tho anyway.
> But I don't think thats it.

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