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I haven't had the best of luck with gateways either.  I hope you can get this solved.  I used to do internet tech support, but everything I could suggest to you
has already been suggested.  I'm not sure what the linux version of the old windows commands ipconfig release and ipconfig renew might be, but you could try that
on the down computer.
Good luck.

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On Fri, 5 May 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Hmmm. Well, that rules out the obvious. I don't like those gateways. I've
> always had bad luck with them. A dedicated modem and router work better. I
> think it reset itself which is why you can't log in. I think you'll probably
> have to call your ISP. The cable would be the only obvious thing other than
> completely unplugging the gateway, waiting a minute and plugging it in. A
> simple reboot won't help. You could do a full reset but you would lose your
> settings. . Sometimes cables wear out, but not usually. Since the PC is wired,
> I suggest trying a rescue CD to see if it's a Ubuntu or hardware problem. It
> seems like hardware, but if your gateway went weird, that would explain why
> your Internet would drop. Is your PC using DHCP? Rebooting should get a new IP
> address from the gateway and fix it. If your using static IPs, something in
> your gateway probably changed. I doubt this, but it could be a DNS problem.
> What if you go directly to an IP address? If those don't work, I'm out of
> ideas. Hopefully your ISP can help you, but they're usually useless.
> On 5/5/2017 4:33 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have rebooted the router-modem combination or gateway as they call it.
> > I know internet is working because I am using it with this ipad.
> > The ubuntu pc is wired, not wireless. It is possible the cable may have come
> > loose,
> > but that would not explain why i can no longer log into the router
> > wirelessly with the ipad
> > like I could before.
> > Let me go check that cable tho anyway.
> > But I don't think thats it.
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