working wit ubuntu mate 17.04 and espeak-ng. Cannot change voice

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Sat May 6 15:40:53 UTC 2017

Hi folks,
Mark Peveto here.  While most of my machines here run Vinux currently, I am running one with ubuntu mate 17.04 installed on it.  Great stuff, except for
one thing.  They've switched over to espeak-ng, which is fine, except for the fact that I no longer know how to switch from the UK english voice to the
US english one.
With standard espeak, you could switch to /usr/lib/espeak-data/voices, and cp en-us to en, and you were golden.  The espeak-data/voices directory is
now in a slightly different directory, and is now called espeak-ng-data/voices, but the en and en-us files do not exist for me to copy around.
How does one get the US-english voice in espeak-ng now?  I'd really like to change it if I can.  It's easier for me to understand.
This is with espeak-ng and speechd-up.  I thought about pulling speechd-up and installing espeakup.  Maybe it'd be easier to get the US english voice
that way, but I wanted to see if there was another solution before I sarted uninstalling things and installing others, and possibly making a mess.

Mark Peveto
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