Central a11y repository

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Sun May 7 15:16:58 UTC 2017

Just how sandboxed is each application on a system like this? I'm 
concerned about the increase in disk and RAM requirements for such an 
OS, since the concept of shared dependencies is essentially being 
circumvented using this packaging system. That said, the more important 
issue by far is accessibility. There is a high probability that 
attempting to package accessibility in such an environment would 
effectively sandbox the a11y stack so that it would not be able to 
communicate with the other equally isolated applications on the system, 
thereby causing worse problems than we would be trying to solve. The 
concept of version conflicts would no longer be a problem, but the 
ability to run multiple versions means nothing if applications can't 
efficiently communicate with multiple at-spi instances, and if Orca 
would get confused by so many at-spi instances trying to talk to it at 
once. Would each application also need its own Orca? In this case, we're 
talking about gigabytes of redundant dependencies, which is a huge 
problem on low-storage and low-RAM systems, as well as all these Orca 
instances needing to communicate with speech-dispatcher, which would 
cause other problems.

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