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Wed Nov 8 18:49:54 UTC 2017

Tim here.  The first thing to check would be if other devices internal
to your network can connect to the server by IP address.  Maybe a
phone on your home wifi, point it at your server's IP address like

If you *don't* get a page, your web server may be listening only on
the loopback ( address instead of on an external IP
address.  Tweak your config to listen on your network-facing address.

If you *do* get a page from your other device, then your server is
good and your NAT port-redirection is likely the issue.  If you've
double-checked your router to ensure that your external port 80 is
pointed to port 80 on your internal server machine, then your ISP may
be blocking inbound HTTP traffic.  Sometimes you can call up your ISP
and tell them to stop; sometimes they want to charge you for it.  If
you don't want to pay, you can specify some alternate external port
such as 8888 and then configure your router to point port 8888 to
your internal port 80.  Then from offsite, you'd visit your external
IP address colon 8888 such as

You might have to glean your external/WAN IP address from an off-site
tool (like searching Duck Duck Go for "what's my IP address") or your
router's management page.


On November  8, 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm trying to create a web server here at home.
> I can access it by typing the local ip adress, but I can't access it
> from the outside.
> what can this be? I've added http in port forwarding.
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