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Thu Nov 9 05:24:36 UTC 2017

Willem here.
Once you know what your outside ip address is, do a portscan (using nmap) 
from the outside to see if the relevant port 80 or whatever you used, is 
open..  All home type adsl routers I have worked with, by default has all 
incoming connections from the outside blocked as that is what most people 
I would think you would need to specifically open port 80 on your router, 
and then add a nat entry as Tim described below.
HTH, Willem

On Wed, 8 Nov 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Tim here.  The first thing to check would be if other devices internal
> to your network can connect to the server by IP address.  Maybe a
> phone on your home wifi, point it at your server's IP address like
> If you *don't* get a page, your web server may be listening only on
> the loopback ( address instead of on an external IP
> address.  Tweak your config to listen on your network-facing address.
> If you *do* get a page from your other device, then your server is
> good and your NAT port-redirection is likely the issue.  If you've
> double-checked your router to ensure that your external port 80 is
> pointed to port 80 on your internal server machine, then your ISP may
> be blocking inbound HTTP traffic.  Sometimes you can call up your ISP
> and tell them to stop; sometimes they want to charge you for it.  If
> you don't want to pay, you can specify some alternate external port
> such as 8888 and then configure your router to point port 8888 to
> your internal port 80.  Then from offsite, you'd visit your external
> IP address colon 8888 such as
> You might have to glean your external/WAN IP address from an off-site
> tool (like searching Duck Duck Go for "what's my IP address") or your
> router's management page.
> -tim
> On November  8, 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm trying to create a web server here at home.
>> I can access it by typing the local ip adress, but I can't access it
>> from the outside.
>> what can this be? I've added http in port forwarding.
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