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Sat Nov 25 07:05:38 UTC 2017

My name is Gianni. I am blind and I live in Belgium.

I use a Mac with voiceover at home and a windows computer with Jaws at work.

I would like to switch to Linux. I use a a"omputer for: email, facebook, web browsing, music, watch video, word, excel.

Mac and windows are both not fully accessible and are getting slow sometimes. And I am very interested in what a Linux can do. 
So I would like to make the switch to Linux.

My questions are:
1. Is it possible?
2. Is the accessibility ok?
3. Is it correct that Ubuntu mate is the best system for us?
4. How do I make a usb stick to reboot my Mac with Linux?
5. When I restart after I am in Linux, does my Mac react normal again after using Linux?


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