Does anyone know if accessible coconut is a rolling release?

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Sun Nov 26 01:34:14 UTC 2017

Ok, here is a crazy question.  Before you throw back such answers as 
google is your friend and others, suffice it to say that I have looked 
and this is not even mentioned on the web except for the few times it 
has come across here.

There is a new accessible coconut operating system which is now 
available.  I have downloaded it and looked at it, but the one thing 
that keeps me from deciding whether or not to use it is this.

Is this a rolling release like talking arch, kali, and a number of 
others?  If it is, that's fine.  I do not like having to replace my os 
every 6 months.  I do not like the kind of data loss risk that comes 
with that kind of practice.  This machine is the only one I have so it 
is used for many critical tasks, and I don't like computer problems or 
long times out for maintenance.  I like to use the computer more than 
reinstall operating systems and lose data.

If this is a rolling release, we might consider using it over here.  I 
have no way to know other than asking the people on the list where it is 
being talked about.



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