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Sat Nov 25 14:10:30 UTC 2017

LIOS is The best OCR software for visually impaired users. I have tried 
it and really. The best function is The algorithm, which scan page and 
detect misspelled words. And according number of misspelled words after 
OCR, it set The appropriate brightnes and contrast values. It even 
support all available OCR engines for Linux, Tesseract, GOCR and one 
which I can not remember on.
LIOS GUI is perfect, app is fast, work reliably. I believe, that also 
yours Linux distribution will work. I hope, that it will support EFI 
based main board, because booting it from Windows 10 by using virtual 
machine is very slow even with 8 GB of RAM. And with 4 core CPU. It is 
problem of virtualisation and Windows 10 home edition.
So The best option is to directly boot from flash drive. I always use 
RUFUS, since its GUi is fully accessible from Windows.
I believe, that you did not remove Espeak from yours distro, because it 
support many languages. May be, that yours distribution is based on 
Ubuntu, so it would run smoothly.

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