[Testers wanted before the official release] Slint64-4.2.1 release candidate is accessible.

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Tue Oct 10 20:18:27 UTC 2017

Le 10/10/2017 à 22:04, Didier Spaier a écrit :
>> The two slapt-getrc lines are identical unless there is a case difference I missed.
> Yes my mistake, sorry, corrected in a further post that maybe you missed:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/blinux-list/2017-October/msg00049.html
> You do need to write slint-testing instead of slint-14.2, else the next
> "slapt-get --upgrade" will actually downgrade your system to the
> previous released version, that don't speak!

Maybe that's the reason why you got a bad firefox: as in
Slint 14.2 firefox was not in our repo, my guess is you actually
got the upgrade from a Slackware repo, and this one has not
accessibility enabled yet.

You can check typing:
ls /var/log/packages/mozilla-firefox*

If it actually come from a Slint repo the package full name
should end in slint. But if it does that's another problem.

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