Digitizing audio cassettes and extracting the contents of digital cartridges.

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Tue Sep 12 10:50:24 UTC 2017

I'll admit part of the problem is ignorance. Until reading the
description for the cartridges Perkins is selling on Amazon, I didn't
know any cartridge players other than the NLS player existed, and
those descriptions only name drop two players I didn't know about and
warns one doesn't support NLS's DRM. As for the cartridges themselves,
while they are at their core generic USB flash drives and the casing
offers some nice features such as having room for a detailed label,
being easy to handle, and being easy to find if dropped, the casing
does render the carts incompatible with most USB interfaces and pushes
the cartridges into the Territory of formats most outside of the
target demographic will have never heard of. Granted, prior to this
thread, I never thought to ask and was working under the assumption
the NLS player was the only cartridge player, so my ignorance on this
subject is probably at least partially willful. Still, if anyone knows
of a pocket-sized player with a cartridge slot and support of NLS
books, I'd be interested in a link.

As for smartphones, there are far more fundamental accessibility
issues to deal with before I try wrestling with DRM(touch dialing a
phone number unassisted being first among them). Though, if you know
of any devices built around a more traditional phone button layout
while retaining the multi-function capabilities of touchscreen
devices, I'd love to hear about them. In the mean time, I'll be
sticking with my retro-styled flip phone for phone things, my Blaze ET
for most of my media playback, and my Raspberry Pi with a wireless USB
keyboard for notetaking on the go. Though, considering none of those
has a truly accessible mobile web browsing experience, a fourth device
for that niche wouldn't go amiss.


Jeffery Wright
President Emeritus, Nu Nu Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa.
Former Secretary, Student Government Association, College of the Albemarle.

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