firefox and webvisum

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One thing I haven't yet tried is to first log into the webvisum site 
then log into and then run the webvisum menus in 
firefox to see if anything happens when I try taking a picture.

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> Subject: firefox and webvisum
> I can access webvisum menus with control-f10 inside firefox and have keyed in 
> credentials and finally found in the debugging menu take picture and on a 
> particular web site with a captcha tried taking a picture and so far as I 
> could tell nothing happened.  There are login and log out menu options that 
> come up too each time webvisum is run so I expect the app didn't even log me 
> into the webvisum site.  On linux, what camera app or apps does webvisum like 
> and will use if found to take a picture of the screen?  I may not have a 
> camera installed.  When I used webvisum on firefox in windows several years 
> ago, webvisum would let me know I was logged into the webvisum site as I 
> started up firefox and this isn't happening any longer either.
> The website I'm trying to use is and it is a 
> captcha-happy website with no accessibility assistance or options.
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