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Well I did manage to get speech in x using mate-terminal instead of
xterm. Now I'm going to try the other ones you talked about.

On 4/1/18, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> I think that twm is hardly accessible because it doesn't allow
> the "click to focus" mode, meaning that a raised window won't get
> the focus, unless you specifically set f.focus for it in the
> configuration file, which is tedious unless you use very few
> applications.
> I think that both blackbox and windowmaker can be used.
> windowmaker has nice features, more advanced than blackbox, but
> I don't know if that helps for accessibility, it depends mostly
> on the keyboard shortcuts you set.
> On Slint most graphical environments are configured by default
> to use the usual main shortcuts, i.e.
> At+F1 raises the application menu
> Alt+F2 raises a run... dialog where you type a command
> Alt+F4 closes the focuses window
> but if I understand well this kind of configuration is made by
> the end user in Arch.
> As Orca mostly come into play when using application in windows,
> I believe that as long as you use GTK apps you will get at
> least some level of accessibility as soon as the relevant window
> gets the focus, regardless of the window manager in use.
> Didier Spaier
> Le 31/03/2018 à 23:07, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
>> What did you have to do to set it up with orca? Also what are the
>> difference between twm blackbox and windowmaker conserning orca. I'm
>> running a arch linux on a vm and a blank fresh install of arch on my
>> old pc.
>> On 3/31/18, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at>
>> wrote:
>>> Tim here.  While fluxbox isn't a tiling window manager, it's my daily
>>> driver.  I'm partial to the control it gives for mapping keys.  Some
>>> of my favorite mappings:
>>> - "maximize" vs. "maximize vertically only" vs. "maximize
>>>   horizontally only"
>>> - raising/lowering windows to layers above/below so one one is always
>>>   on top even if it's not focused
>>> - pin/unpin a window so it appears on all desktops
>>> - toggle window-chrome (hiding the title-bar, resize handles, etc)
>>> - jumping to, moving windows to, or taking windows (moving + jumping)
>>>   to other desktops
>>> - slamming a window to any edge ("move the current window all the way
>>>   to the top/bottom/left/right of the screen")
>>> - I can move/resize windows with a modifier-key and left/right-click
>>>   dragging anywhere in the windows.  A number of other WMs let you do
>>>   this, usually with Alt+drag, but Fluxbox lets me change what the
>>>   modifier key is (I use Mod4, AKA the "windows logo key").  Same
>>>   with using Mod4+tab/Mod4+shift+tab for switching between windows
>>>   instead of alt+tab/alt+shift+tab in most other WMs.
>>> - launch all my usual applications without needing a menu, just a
>>>   hot-key.  This also works nicely since I can control my volume with
>>>   my media-keys.  I like to have my volume-down button decrease
>>>   faster than my volume-up button increases.  So volume-down decreases
>>>   by 7% while my volume-up key increases by 3%.  It's quirky, but
>>>   what I want, and fluxbox lets me do it.
>>> It's also very light-weight, not requiring much in the way of
>>> resources, so it runs well even on my older or more underpowered
>>> machines.
>>> I believe that i3 also offers much of the same sort of functionality,
>>> but I've not tinkered with it so I can't speak to how it behaves.
>>> I'd be glad to share excerpts from my ~/.fluxbox/keys file if you
>>> need any of them.
>>> -tim
>>> On March 31, 2018, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>>>> I would like to try a tialing window manager. Something like i3-wm
>>>> or fluxbox but I don't know how accessible they would be.
>>>> On 3/31/18, Linux for blind general discussion
>>>> <blinux-list at> wrote:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> Le 31/03/2018 à 12:46, Linux for blind general discussion a
>>>>> écrit :
>>>>>> Hello, I'm looking for alternative window mangers. I don't
>>>>>> really want mate, gnome, and xfce. I want to try out new ones.
>>>>> What are your needs with respect to accessibility?
>>>>> What don't you like in the software you listed?
>>>>> Strictly speaking mate, gnome and xfce are desktops, not just
>>>>> window managers.
>>>>> As an example the mate desktop includes the marco window manager
>>>>> by default, but it can be replaced by another one like compiz or
>>>>> metacity.
>>>>> There are a lot of other window managers, as an example we ship in
>>>>> Slint all listed plus fluxbox, windowmaker and fvwm2, whose level
>>>>> of accessibility vary.
>>>>> Didier Spaier
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