Newbie to linux and a question

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Sat Dec 15 06:05:01 UTC 2018

What distro and version have you got running?  Different distros
have unique resources available to help users in your situation though
other resources are universal.  Two of the universal resources are man
and info.  If using a graphical user interface first thing to do to
access these is to learn about terminal operations and how to run a
terminal session.  Even before that, it's necessary to learn to run a
command and depending on graphical user environment you may use unity or
gnome/mate without unity.

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> Hello list,
> As a newbie to linux, I as wondering if anyone could tell me a good place to start to learn linux? I would like to learn as much as I could. However,. I have no clue on how to start.. I need to start at beginning bye do not know how to start.
> Sincerely,
> Michael maslo
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